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For those who are eligible, Engage to Change can support your child to reach their full potential by providing pre-employment support and specialist one-to-one job coaching.

The process begins with your expression of interest in the project, when you/your child first contact our delivery partners ELITE or Agoriad. We will acknowledge your expression of interest within 48 hours. We will then arrange a pre-referral chat within 10 days to check whether the young person is eligible for the project or not. If not, we will signpost you to alternative provision. If yes, we will arrange the first home/community visit with the young person and their support network within 28 days.

This initial visit is known as the referral meeting and at this meeting we will meet you for the first time to chat and gather some preliminary information about the young person and their experience, skills and needs. Following this meeting your young person will be added to the service provision list and a second home/community visit will be arranged.

This second visit will be a more in-depth assessment that we call vocational profiling. We will ask about routine, hobbies, travel, and employment preferences. We will go through a list of potential jobs to determine the young person’s likes and dislikes.

This will be followed by an assessment of skills such as reading, writing, numbers, dexterity, computer use, using money, and telling the time, as well as knowledge of workplace rules and running through workplace scenarios that could occur. It’s possible the vocational profiling process could extend to a third meeting. Once it is completed, development activities and pre-employment support can begin, consisting of elements such CV writing and interview skills. You can view the referral process flow here.