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Carrie joined the Engage to Change project in October 2016. Carrie was lacking in confidence and would become anxious when meeting new people, which meant that even using a telephone was a struggle for her.


We have worked closely with Carrie and have managed to secure a placement opportunity for her working in the 2 Wish Upon a Star Offices based in Groesfaen.  Carrie was responsible for creating and developing all marketing material for the charity to raise awareness of upcoming events. Carrie settled into working life and her confidence began to grow. Week by week Carrie engaged more with her colleagues and any visitors that would drop into the office. As time progressed and confidence grew Carrie was able to start to answer the telephone and take messages for her colleagues, and she surprised herself with this newfound ability. Carries confidence has gone from strength to strength and she now even answers the phone when she is as home.  We are looking forward to continue working with Carrie to develop her skills further.

“My confidence has definitely improved,” reveals Carrie. “I’ve met new people and grown comfortable with an office environment – and I answered the phone, something I thought I would never do! There are a couple of things that I still need to work past, but this is a good start, and I couldn’t have wished for a better placement.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Carrie,” says Rachel the office manager. “She has been a valued member of the team. We have seen her confidence grow during her time with us.”

Story by our partners at ELITE Supported Employment.