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Confidence Building Top Tips by E2C Ambassador Gerraint

Date Posted: 22.09.2023 22nd September 2023
1. Reframe Your Perception Of Confidence According to the…
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Neurodivergent young people and the labour market: The importance of supported employment

Date Posted: 28.07.2023 28th July 2023
In the pursuit of an inclusive society, it is…
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E2C Lead Ambassador Blog June 2023

Date Posted: 07.07.2023 7th July 2023
June 12th On 12 June 2023, I attended the…
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Welsh Government report features Engage to Change case study: Empowering learners with additional learning needs

Date Posted: 05.07.2023 5th July 2023
The recently released Welsh Government report  ‘Transitions to Employment’ includes a case…
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