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December 2019 | A report about what we have learned so far through the Engage to Change project.

A happy group of project participants and staff posing for a photo together, some with their hands in the air.

The Engage to Change Project is now in its 4th year, learning lessons about how we can support young people with a learning disability or autism into paid work. The project has had a lot of success and encountered some barriers.

What we have learned so far is set out in this summary briefing.

Engage to Change is a pilot and it has 14 months left to run, and we will learn more in that time.  However, it is clear that we need to create a sustainable way to deliver “what works” after the project ends.

This briefing sets out a number of areas of policy where lessons need to be applied if we are to continue the success of the project and create a sustainable Supported Employment pathway to enable these young people to be included in the labour market, and to fulfil their undoubted potential as working members of Welsh society.