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In celebration of our first birthday, we are launching a new series highlighting some of the team members behind Engage to Change. This week the spotlight is on Chris English, Operations Manager at ELITE Supported Employment, Engage to Change delivery partner in South Wales.

Chris English, Operations Manager

What is your role on Engage to Change?

I manage the staff and the Engage to Change project within ELITE Supported Employment.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Whilst completing observations with the staff I get to meet some of the young people within the project and occasionally I get to meet them later on within the project. Seeing their progression is what I enjoy most.

What has been your proudest Engage to Change moment?

Seeing a young person achieve one of their goals, this can range from being able to travel independently, complete a work experience to the ultimate goal of sustaining employment.

Tell us a few of your favourite things…

Golf – I am an avid golfer and can be found on Rhondda Golf Course on most weekends and spring/summer evenings trying to improve my handicap

Cycling – I am also a keen cyclist, I try to cycle as often as I can to keep fit.