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This Easy Read page will tell you about how the Engage to Change project supported young people with a learning disability and/or autism.

We talked to applicants about:

  • How much they wanted to work
  • Benefits they recieved
  • How confident they were about travelling


  • Qualifications that they could do whilst working
  • Talked about their control over money
  • Wether they had a social worker


  • Their education
  • Their CV
  • Whether they were looking for a job.


  • hobbies
  • Things that they did not like
  • Whether they could travel alone


  • The types of transport in their area
  • Local jobs in their area.

Then we asked you about the type of place they would like to work at

  • Whether they would like to do lots of different tasks, or the same tasks many times
  • What days and times they would like to work



  • Whether they would like lots of breaks or only a few breaks


  • Whether they prefer being warm or cold



  • Whether they preferred working with other people or working alone
  • Whether they liked a quiet workplace or a noisy workplace


  • Whether they would like to wear a uniform or not
  • Whether they would like to work with people their own age or people any age


  • How clean they would like the workplace to be
  • Whether they want to do physical work or not


  • Whether they would like to work in a small workplace or a big workplace.

We then asked them about their skills.

We would then go through a list of jobs for them to choose their favourites.

Here are some of the jobs we would talk about:

  • Animal care
  • Caring for people
  • Cleaning
  • Hotels and food
  • Flower shop or garden centre
  • Hairdressing
  • Leisure centre
  • Office work
  • Builder’s merchant
  • Car cleaning
  • Caretaker or handyperson
  • Deliveries or removals
  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • Garage worker
  • Factory
  • Shops

The final part of the meeting was an assessment.

The assessment checked what they knew about:

  • Telling the time
  • Money
  • Using a computer
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Numbers
  • Health and safety


  • Workplace rules.


  • Writing a CV
  • Filling in job applications
  • Training courses
  • Volunteering
  • Work experience


  • Travel training
  • Supported employment visits
  • Supported interviews
  • Supported work trials
  • Advice and guidance.