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Name: Laura Plenty

How do you feel about your time on the Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH programme?

It has been really good, I have learned a lot through the whole course.

What internships have you done since you started Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH?

My first Internship I worked with National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH).
My second Internship I worked in the English Language Programmes department.
My third Internship I worked with Student Services for health care students in the Heath Hospital.

What has been your favourite internship and why?

My favourite Internship has been Internship 3 because I got to work in two places, at the Heath Hospital as well as Student Services in Park Place.

Describe some of the tasks you carried out during the year.

I carried out tasks like making folders, I learnt a little about how to find the right folder to pull out, putting data onto an Excel spreadsheet, finding leaflets to be sent out to different places. Making up packs for blood tests and creating student folders. Entering department statistics into an excel spreadsheet.

How has it helped you to be on Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH and what have you learned during the year?

I have learnt how to do a CV as I haven’t done it before.

How have Lily (job coach), Kerri and Bev (college instructors) helped you during the year? What kind of support have you had from them?

I had a lot of support off Lily, Kerri and Bev through the whole year.

What kind of jobs are you applying for and have you been successful yet?

I have been applying for an admin assistant in an office environment and I haven’t been successful yet.

Now that Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH is coming to an end, what would you like to do, or what do you plan to do in the future?

I would like to work in an office environment with a nice team of people.