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June 12th

On 12 June 2023, I attended the Employment and Income Working Group of the Welsh Government’s Disability Rights Taskforce.

June 15th

On the 15th of June I attended the online presentation event held by Inclusion Europe called the Trinity College education program for people with intellectual disabilities to help them find meaningful employment. Trinity College is a university in Dublin.

Among the speakers were Marie Devitt, Hugo MacNeill, and Sadbh Feehan. They shared what the program entails, their partnerships with businesses, and also their experiences with the programme. There are 17 modules of different subjects which include disability, human rights and entrepreneurship. There is a choice of an 8 week work placement or a 2 year certificate. 10 students are accepted per year and the college collaborates with 45 business partners during the programme. More information here:

Spotlight on AutonoME

AutonoMe uses the power of mobile technology to enable people with learning disabilities and/or autism to develop skills for independent living and employment.

They have worked hard to create a model of support which is deliverable and enables people to receive their support to achieve their outcomes.

Alongside their library of instructional videos accessed through the AutonoMe app, they provide a Development Coordinator, who has experience supporting people with learning disabilities and autism, to support the learner to progress towards their outcomes and personalise our support to exactly what’s right for them. Their Development Coordinators also provide training to support staff and employers to make sure everyone involved is working together in support of the learner.

AutonoME has two programmes which are Independent Living and Supported Employment.  Their independent living programme is usually funded by local authorities whilst the employment support is funded by the DWP via their Access to Work programme, here are some quotes from learners who have been on these projects.

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