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Name: Marko Arakas

How do you feel about your time on the Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH programme?

I feel that it has been very successful on Project SEARCH because I have progressed a lot since I first started last year for example: answering phones, improved communication skills, far greater confidence and my CV is finalised and up to date.

What internships have you done since you started Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH?

My first internship was in the Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion

My second internship was in the Undergraduate Bioscience Office

My third and final internship was in the Communications and Marketing Department in Friary House.

What has been your favourite internship and why?

My favourite internship was in the Communications and Marketing Department because I have been taught how to use and answer telephones, deal with student email enquiries and I am friendly with everyone.

Describe some of the tasks you carried out during the year.

Some of the tasks I have completed during my internships included: dealing with student email enquiries, submitting student exam marks, scanning data into a computer, filing and answering telephones.

How has it helped you to be on Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH and what have you learned during the year?

By being on Project SEARCH it has helped me learn employment related skills and get enough work experience to get paid employment.

How have Lily (job coach), Kerri and Bev (college instructors) helped you during the year? What kind of support have you had from them?

Lily has worked with me to get my CV written up and finalised and has also supported me in my internships with new tasks.

Kerri and Bev have taught me about budgeting money, work routines, healthy eating and job interviews.

What kind of jobs are you applying for and have you been successful yet?

I have applied for a part-time job in the University as an administrative assistant.

Now that Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH is coming to an end, what would you like to do, or what do you plan to do in the future?

I would like to work in administration because it is more suited for me due to working on computers. I want to get paid work so that I can start to pay my Mum rent and to buy myself video games.