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We believe strongly in the importance of supporting and empowering employers to employ more people with learning disabilities and/or autism. On the past project, we worked with employers to set realistic expectations, match the right person to each job, and provide training, advice and support to staff.

Job matching

Young people go through a thorough process of pre-screening and vocational profiling enabling them to get to know them and their strengths, weaknesses and skills in order to match them with a suitable vacancy.



Whether it’s Autism Awareness training or training on current equality legislation, courses can be adapted to your specific needs. For more on training click here.

Continuous advice and support

Our specialist job coaches will provide support to both you and your employee on a person-centred basis, following our model of supported employment. Job coaches will train the individual until they are able to do the job independently, and the job coach’s withdrawal from the workplace will be gradual and dependent on the performance and progress of the individual, in consultation with you and your employee. Progress will continue to be monitored and assessed, and we are there to re-enter the workplace or assist with any re-training should we be required.