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Neurodivergent young people and the labour market: The importance of supported employment

Date Posted: 28.07.2023 28th July 2023
In the pursuit of an inclusive society, it is…
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Young man working in a cafe

Job equality and inclusion in supported employment: The experience of the Engage to Change project

Date Posted: 14.06.2023 14th June 2023
Employment is a crucial aspect of a person’s life,…
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Employment challenges for people with a learning disability and/or autism during the Covid-19 pandemic in Wales

Date Posted: 05.05.2023 5th May 2023
Already at a disadvantage The study reveals that employment…
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The role and experience of the job coach: The experience of a nationwide supported employment project

Date Posted: 20.04.2023 20th April 2023
Supported employment has been proven as an effective approach…
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