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Benefits System in Wales Needs Reform    

Date Posted: 25.08.2021 25th August 2021
The Engage to Change project has responded to a call for evidence by the UK…
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Consultation Response: Refresh of Welsh Government's Economic Contract

Date Posted: 23.06.2021 23rd June 2021
The Engage to Change project submitted a response to Welsh Government on the 5th of…
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Consultation Response on Social Partnership and Public Procurement

Date Posted: 29.04.2021 29th April 2021
The Engage to Change project has submitted a response to the Welsh Government consultation Draft…
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Cover of the consultation document with the picture of a young white man with a baby on a bus

Consultation Response: Llwybr Newydd–a new Wales transport strategy

Date Posted: 27.01.2021 27th January 2021
Engage to Change responded to a Welsh Government consultation on transport planning in Wales. The…
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