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1. Reframe Your Perception Of Confidence

pic of Gerraint e2c ambassador

According to the website “Forbes” author Kristin Taylor frames a new way to look at confidence. She says it’s about asking for help, building trusting relationships, accepting feedback and trying new things. In the workplace, these activities are the foundation of building confident employees. Always ask your supervisor or line manager depending on who manages you what they think and pick one of these to try feedback is where we learn the most. 

2. Accept That Everyone Makes Mistakes 

Low confidence is directly tied to the fear of not being perfect. Even the most confident employee has made mistakes. The difference is they are able to put the mistake in context. Most mistakes are not career to overall business success. Lean in and do the best job you can and learn from your mistakes, including time management. 

3. Set and Achieve Reasonable Goals 

To become more confident set goals and achieve them. Try new things, set reasonable goals and divide them up into steps, then work on them one at a time. We can celebrate small accomplishments, which causes us to see how our goals become more achievable. 

According to the website Indeed, understanding the importance of being confident at work can help you feel more inclined to attain a confident mindset. Here are some of the benefits of displaying confidence as an employee: 

Being confident in your abilities can help you become more productive. 

Having a happier mindset: When you’re confident at work, it can help you feel proud of your accomplishments, knowing that your abilities enabled you to achieve them. This can translate into a joyous state of mind, increasing morale for you and everyone on your team. 

Helping you solve problems: When you’re confident about your abilities, it can open your mind to new approaches or solutions to workplace situations. This is beneficial in various industries and can even help you improve your leadership skills if you are a manager. 

What I have discovered through the Engage to Change project is that I have become more confident due to my self-esteem and also I have 2 very supportive line managers. They trust me to do my job and we have the trust that if I ever need help I know I can confidently ask them. 

However, I was never like this, when I was in school I would never ask my teacher for help I was afraid that if I did I would get bullied for looking simple! Thankfully I had a very supportive (SENCO) Special Educated Needs Co-Ordinator who placed 1 to 1 support for me in all my lessons and in my GCSE exams. 

When I finished college all I wanted to do was admin or reception work like answering phone calls, replying and creating emails and so on. Learning Disability Wales could see more in me they asked me to do the Lead Ambassador role I was reluctant, but they could see that I could offer so much more. 

So to round it all off what I’m saying is take every opportunity you can you never know what it can lead to, we all make mistakes all I will say is learn from those mistakes and never doubt yourself if at first you don’t succeed try and try again and it always helps that you can ask for help with your colleagues and especially your boss!!