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Engage to Change responded to a Welsh Government consultation on transport planning in Wales. The consultation sets out Welsh Government’s transport plans for the next 20 years. The key points in our response are:

  • We believe that overall this is a promising policy document with the potential to have a positive impact on the lives of people with learning disabilities and/or autism in Wales.
  • It would be good to make clear that the long-term goals of the transport system should not only be to ensure it is accessible to people but also to allow accessible participation in all spheres of life including employment, leisure activities and civic engagement.
  • Another way to make sure that the transport system is inclusive for disabled people is to make sure disabled people are involved in every level of work within Welsh Government and transport systems. We recommend the implementation of supported employment programmes for this purpose.
  • In order to make sure that transport systems are truly accessible for people with a learning disability and/or autism we recommend the Welsh Government offers travel training to those who need it.
  • While we agree that environmental concerns are of vital importance, we believe Welsh Government could do more to ensure that disabled people are not disproportionally disadvantaged through environmental policies.
  • It is disappointing that this consultation itself was not conducted in a more accessible format.

You can read the whole consultation response here: NewTransportWales Response – (opens as PDF). A Welsh translation of the document is available on request.

For more information or alternative formats please contact Grace at