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Meet Elsa, George, Jordan and Jonathan – our new Engage to Change project ambassadors! Following an application and interview process, they were appointed in May 2018 and made their first appearances as ambassadors at our Annual Awards events in June. All four are participating or have participated in the Engage to Change project prior to becoming ambassadors. Here are their stories in their own words. Today, George.


My full name (including middle name) is George Martin Breeze, I currently live with my Dad, and I have a cream-coloured Labrador and a white cat. In 2006 when I was five years old I had a kidney transplant that was donated by my Dad.

I have enjoyed my time on Project SEARCH because all of the people who I have met in my internships were really lovely to work with. In all three of my internships I have been involved with administration. Through my internships I have learnt a lot of skills such as IT skills and managing to work my way around a computer. Another skill I have learnt is organisation skills, by sorting out different files and putting them where they need to be.

My new job being an Ambassador for Engage to Change involves promoting the project at events, assisting people that are doing workshops and helping out anyone else with anything.

I’ve got no problem with getting up and speaking in front of a big group of people as I have done this before. For example I made a speech at my graduation thanking the managers and mentors for having the interns at Project SEARCH.