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How does supported employment work? What is a job coach? And why do we believe in this model? Read more about the principles of supported employment.

ELITE and Agoriad have years of experience successfully implementing the supported employment model to help disabled and disadvantaged people obtain and retain work.We believe that given the right training and support, anyone who wants to work can work, irrespective of their disability. That is where the job coach comes in. Our job coaches implement specialist training to enable individuals to achieve their full potential, independence and integration within a workplace.

Job coaches work with the young people on the project on a one-to-one basis, taking a systematic approach to teach them new tasks at a pace which suits the individual. Withdrawal from the workplace as the young person becomes more independent is gradual, and undertaken in full consultation with the employer, young person, job coach, and parent/carer.

  • We practice a ‘can do’ attitude, enabling employers to see the person rather than the disability.
  • Systematic Instruction is unique to supported employment. It is very discreet but allows everyone to evaluate the person’s ongoing development to independence, including the individual and their employer.
  • Our established Vocational Profiling system is a holistic, person-centred method of assessment that uses information from a range of sources. Not only does it look at a person’s work choice and ability, but also the effect of external factors like environment, learning style, and social aspects on their ability to realise their full potential.