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My name is Elsa Jones and I am a Project Ambassador for Engage to Change. I have been asked by Gerraint the Lead Ambassador to write this blog update, which I am very pleased to do.

On June the 17th I went with Tracey Drew to attend a Project Roadshow in the Owain Glyndwr University in Wrexham, North Wales. It was a brilliant event and very well-attended.

There were talks given by a young man who has participated in the project, a foster carer, and an employer. As I am an ambassador for Engage to Change, I also gave a talk about the project.

I talked about how long I have been on the Engage to Change project and about my ambassador role. I also talked about the jobs I’ve had through working with Agoriad Cyf, where people can get information from, and the amazing people I have met.

The young man from North Wales who spoke has also had support from Agoriad Cyf through Engage to Change. He gave a talk about his job in Morrisons. He works as a cleaner and really enjoys his job. He said he has a lot of help from Agoriad Cyf and has a lot of help from his employer as well.

The foster carer from North Wales was a very nice lady. She said she used to have a job, but she then decided to become a foster carer as it is something she has always wanted to do. She has brought up a lad from a young age and she said he is very nice. She talked about the lad’s education and hobbies and interests, his job, and his experience with Engage to Change.

A lady from Owain Glyndwr University gave a talk about how the media department in Wrexham is working with Engage to Change to support a job role for a participant. She said she really enjoys her job and has met really nice students over the years.

Everyone was really friendly and enjoyed the Roadshow.