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"If you’ve got a job, you have money coming in to pay your bills and be independent”

Date Posted: 11.04.2019 11th April 2019
Engage to Change partners All Wales People First recently held two project evaluation events in…
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Gerraint's Blog

Date Posted: 09.04.2019 9th April 2019
Hear from Engage to Change Lead Ambassador Gerraint about what he's been up to so…
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This Is Me - Levi's Story

Date Posted: 08.03.2019 8th March 2019
“I just love this place. I’m safe here. As well as my job, this is…
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Elsa’s smiling more than ever thanks to her role as Engage to Change Ambassador

Date Posted: 07.01.2019 7th January 2019
“Hi Elsa!” The calls ring out as Elsa Jones walks down the street in Llanidloes.…
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