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What needs to change to allow people with a learning disability and/or ASD equal access to employment?

Date Posted: 06.08.2020 6th August 2020
The challenges “People with a learning disability or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face many challenges…
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New research report on project outcomes

Date Posted: 17.06.2020 17th June 2020
Researchers from our project partners at the National Centre for Mental Health at Cardiff University…
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Engage to Change position statement in response to the Covid-19 crisis – 13 May 2020

Date Posted: 14.05.2020 14th May 2020
The Engage to Change project partners have implemented new procedures to enable the project to…
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Engage to change: Progress so far and what we've learned

Date Posted: 10.02.2020 10th February 2020
December 2019 | A report about what we have learned so far through the Engage…
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