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Leigh Quinlan has recently joined the Reseiclo Community Wood Recycling team through her participation on Engage to Change with ELITE Supported Employment.

Jeannette Rich, HR Manager and Director of Reseiclo, has been delighted with Leigh’s progress. “When Leigh first arrived, she was quiet and shy but in the last few weeks she has become relaxed and is talking to all around her,” Jeanette says. “She has recently been arriving just after 9am even though she doesn’t start until 10am.”

“Leigh has only been with Reseiclo a few weeks, coming twice a week with a Job Coach from ELITE for four hours per day, however she has settled in very well. She has already asked if she could extend her hours to two days per week and whether she could come without a Job Coach. She has settled in remarkably well in such a short space of time, she is mixing well with other members of my team and is willing to do anything that is asked of her. I have noticed a big change in her since day one. She is becoming more and more confident as the days and weeks go by, she is not so nervous and is not afraid to ask questions.”

“I do feel that Reseiclo and ELITE have helped Leigh in not only her working life, but also in her everyday life, and feel that she can only grow stronger as a person the longer she stays with Reseiclo.”

Story by our partners at ELITE Supported Employment.