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Liam joined the Engage to Change project in September 2016. He was very interested in gardening, and keen to get a paid job. We set up a work experience placement at Hazel Court as an Estates Assistant for 2 weeks, and after that he was taken on with a 15 hour contract over 3 days.

Hazel Court is a retirement/sheltered housing establishment.  There are 128 flats and it was built in 2008.  Liam’s job involved a variety of duties, ranging from litter picking, jet washing, general maintenance work through to doing laundry for one of the residents.  After a couple of weeks it became apparent that the range of tasks were quite challenging for Liam, so we had a meeting to look at developing the role. Alternative roles were discussed within the organisation, and the employer was able to agree to a change to Liam’s job. He started working with the gardening department.  He was thrilled to be given another opportunity, and started this new job in January 2017.

Since working within the gardening department, Liam has thrived in the job.  He absolutely loves working outdoors, he doesn’t mind any weather.  His duties involve, mowing the lawns, jet washing, litter picking and using the blowing machine to clean up. His new manager said of Liam, “He is doing a great job, in fact he does the jet washing much better and cleaner than employees who have worked for me for over 14 years!”

Liam’s job coach Gill has noticed that Liam’s confidence has grown, he is much more comfortable working with new colleagues and gets on well with the new team.

Story by our partners at ELITE Supported Employment.