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Grace Smith is a former Engage to Change DFN Project SEARCH intern from our site at Cardiff University. Following her third and final internship of the programme in the Centre for Medical Education at the University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, a position as a technical assistant became available. Grace successfully applied for the job and is now settled into her paid employment.

“I work at Heath Park in Cardiff University’s Cochrane Building. I work Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and I get every Wednesday off. My hours are 9:30am until 3pm, 21 hours per week. I tidy the SDL Stations, re-stock the SDL cupboards, re-stock the drugs clipboard, and re-stock the consumables cupboards. I also set up the catherting trolleys, set up the wound care trolleys, research time, find out what drugs need refilling this week, run the water taps on level 3 and level 4, and re-stock the paper towels on level 3 and level 4. I enjoy working and it helps me with my communication and making eye contact. The staff up there are really friendly and helpful. My line manager is called Scott.

I learnt skills like making new friends, communication, making eye contact, and I learned how to work on my own without my job coach Rachel Holley. My job coach Rachel helped me while I was starting my new job. I was on Project SEARCH last year and it helped me to get this job. If I wasn’t on Project SEARCH I wouldn’t be where I am now. On my last internship I thought I wouldn’t remember all of the tasks, but when I started the job I picked things up quickly. In my spare time I do karate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I am a 2nd Dan in karate and my nickname there is Smithy. I live with my mum and my sister Jade. I have a dog called Roxy and a cat called Sasha. I have a boyfriend and I like spending time with him. On weekends I like spending time with my friend Laura [also a former DFN Project SEARCH intern].”